Tour of the LIFE Riverscape Lower Inn project of VERBUND

Interested visitors can view the areas and progress of the LIFE Riverscape Lower Inn with the aid of specially constructed discovery trails, information points and lookout huts.

The management concept is currently under development and will cover aspects of conservation and environment formation as well as the aspect of natural experience, and thus serve as an integrated basis for a cross-border management system. 

As the experiences of the conservation authorities show, there are regular (sometimes unwanted) disruptions to the conservation area by recreation-seeking visitors to the protected area (uncontrolled entry of sensitive areas, campfires, etc.). 

Better control and management of visitor flows as well as informing and sensitising the public is therefore desirable and necessary from the point of view of the conservation authorities. 

The locations of the visitor facilities were agreed upon with the conservation authorities in advance. This ensures that the natural experience is made possible without disturbing the local fauna.

In order to make the renatured areas and the bypass rivers accessible to interested visitors while disturbing the birdlife as little as possible, there are discovery trails, information points and lookout huts at selected points. The discovery trails also serve environmental education and thus the early promotion of thoughtfulness and responsible behaviour in nature among children and young adults.


Windpark Bruck a d Leitha

VERBUND is committed to responsible handling of the environment.

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